The Equalizer

Title- The Equalizer


Released Date- 26 September 2014

Written- Richard Wenk

Directed- Antoine Fuqua

Cast Members- Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, Marton Csokas as Teddy and Chloë Grace Moretz as Teri



The type of lighting used in the Equalizer is traditional three point lighting. The theme in this movie is an older man feels compelled to help a young girl stay alive and change her life for the better. Three point lighting worked well for this film because the cinematography was able to adjust the deepness of the shadows to make the scene feel more serious. Three point lighting helped this movie by creating suspense, every time the scene goes dark you can see the shadows pick up and get heavier and heavier.

The movie begins at night inside of a dinner with soft lights and deep shadows this aided the scene because Robert was talking to Teri who participated in the night life. If high-key lighting were used in this scene it wouldn’t have had the same affect you can’t display mystery or even curiosity with bright lights.


Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2014). Film: From watching to seeing (2nd ed.).

San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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